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Lonely Monster Records started in 2003, recording with Magix Studio on a Windows ME PC. 11 albums were produced and recorded from six bands by 2010.

Robert was the label. He would develop an artist's album at no charge, duplicating by hand, for the pleasure of helping a friend. It went far.



Just want to say thanks to all our fans. Been a good ride.

I haven't made much progress recently, but I wrote another song last night! It's about the militarization of religion within relationships. ("If you're not with me you're against me.") Robert the Lion strikes again!


My friend Joel and I have been constructing songs over long-distance; we trade the song back and forth, adding parts with each pass. I'll post a few of them when we're further along. It's a lot of fun.


All the music is up, thank you very much.


I have all the old material encoded and packaged, I just have to get all of it up on the server. Lots of data. Most of this will be available as full-album downloads of FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, and ISO, and be individually downloadable as MP3 files. The full-album downloads are zipped in 7-zip format (.7z) for awesomeness.


Project Stinkeye

Noise/Art cover
Released Spring 2010

Full Album Download:

Ben Bruckner

The Boundary Waters cover
Released April 2010

Full Album Download:

Joe Davis

Fireflies cover
Released October 2009

Full Album Download:


Thirsty Traveler Gospel Songbook cover
Released April 2009

Full Album Download:

The New Apple EP cover

The New Apple EP

  1. The New Apple
  2. Darken by Day
  3. Oh, to Saddness

Released May 2005

(These songs repeated on Here's Alone)

Me & Jane

The First EP cover

Released January 2005

Full Album Download: